Are You In?

Our focus is helping businesses and social influencers build organic, profitable relationships with one another. Whether you’re a business owner wanting to supercharge a marketing campaign or an influencer interested in monetizing your social presence, this is the platform you’ve been waiting for.

Who We Are

digital CORGI is the first search index just for social influencers. Our database of registered users is tightly integrated with an enterprise-grade search and discovery engine.  With just a few keystrokes, businesses and organizations can find influencers who cater to any demographic no matter how niche. Our ability to categorize influencers based on their specific spheres of influence removes much of the guess work from what is typically a complex process.

More Money, More Problems Money

One of the best aspects of digital CORGI caters specifically to our influencers. Our platform’s success is dependent on having a vast, diverse, truly international user base.  That’s why we established a generous affiliate program that rewards influencers for recruiting others to the platform.  Now you can make money whether you’re bringing awareness to the products and services from our vendors or introducing others like yourself to this powerful tool.


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