Lead the Herd with digital CORGI

digital CORGI is a unique tool that provides significant utility for those interested in a new approach to the marriage of social influencers and online marketing.  Our platform allows Influencers to aggregate their social media profiles into a single presence that’s designed to align with popular demographic models utilized by advertisers, businesses, and other organizations.  Our search index accounts for all the essential identifiers you would expect: Gender, Age, Sex, Social Platform(s), Following, even Viewership.

However, as many businesses and consultants would tell you, simply relying on raw numbers such as ‘Followers’ can often lead to hundreds of thousands in wasted capital with little return for your efforts. And it’s only in hindsight that the word ‘Engagement’ comes into play.  digital CORGI provides our Vendors with a cache of highly engaged, professional Influencers with true a passion for the sphere(s) of influence within which they function. As the Information Age continues its sprint forward, consumers have become more discerning of both who and where they receive their information.  The need for marketing that engages users on a personal, organic level is of the utmost importance as the online advertising space continues to evolve and mature.

It’s for the reasons mentioned that digital CORGI represents a conceptually simple yet effective approach to establishing healthy relationships between our Vendors and Influencers. Our registered Influencers are able to highlight primary and supplementary/overlapping areas of influence that they cater to.  In addition, the need for cultural familiarity is equally as important; and our Influencers are able to build profiles that emphasize their fluent spoken and written languages along with specific geographic locations.

Taken as a whole, these various elements offer our Vendors the ability to pinpoint Influencers who are able to connect with virtually any demographic on a global scale.  Because profiles built on the digital CORGI platform are fully crawlable by our ‘robots’, Vendors are just a few keystrokes away from targeting the ideal partners for any campaign.

We have the Data

Carly Fiorina, former chief executive at Hewlett-Packard once said, “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” And that mantra rings especially true with us here at digital CORGI.  That’s why outside of simply offering access to our stellar search index of social influencers, Vendors with an Enterprise-tier subscription will have unfettered access to the raw data behind our platform.  All non-personally identifiable information about our users is available for import into your preferred spreadsheet program. Our vendors will benefit from the ability to construct detailed models for more precise and effective marketing campaigns.

We’re committed to helping our Vendors remove as much of the guess work from online marketing as possible. digital CORGI allows for the creation of complex models which track trends across location, gender, age, and culture– while also pinpointing the Influencers best positioned to carry your message to the ideal demographic.


We’re all about simplicity at digital CORGI. That’s why the pricing for our Vendors is flat-fee, consisting of two subscription tiers. And our Influencers will be happy to know that it’s free to sign up and position themselves for a potential partnership with our Vendors.

Both of our subscription tiers come with a 7-day free trial for you to assess how digital CORGI fits into your workflow.